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Chinese Virus Plan

Updated 2020-03-22 10:50

The Provident House leadership have a prepper mentality to remain prepared for unknown emergency or difficult situations. This includes the long-term storage, top-up and rotation of essential items to survive a crisis for an extended period of time as matter of course.

After looking at all the available medical research, empirical evidence from countries with further progressed incidence, and the unfolding situation with regards to voluntary or mandatory isolation — we have completed a plan for the current situation which is outlined below. The plan may be updated as events change and further information becomes available.

We are staying open as usual.

Provident House has significant supplies of hand sanitiser, toilet roll, paracetamol, antibacterial soap, face masks, disinfectant and more. Whilst these items are not for sale, they are provided freely and copiously for our guests if requested.

Each and every table will have a box of tissues and hand sanitiser.

We request that all guests arriving to first clean their hands, and to catch any coughs and sneezes. There are various bins in every available room to dispose of used tissues or other such items.

All door handles, tables and switches will be disinfected every hour.

We request that guests do not share anything with other guests that could be a vector for transmissibility; e.g., sharing cups or earbuds. If you make contact with another guest please use hand sanitiser.

Older or immunocompromised people must make informed choices.

Whilst a significant percentage of people are unaware they even have 19-nCoV and do not present symptoms, there are certain factors which significantly increase the chance of problems (such as advanced age, existing respiratory issues and compromised immune systems). It is a personal choice on risk and risk tolerance if these factors affect you and whether you consider visiting us. If you have a high risk but a low risk tolerance, you should probably be self-isolating. We are not in a position to make this determination for anybody else, and we expect our guests to responsibly make this decision for themselves.

To boost the economy we are no longer charging for co-working.

The Conservative government budget has granted some businesses significantly reduced business rates and a cash grant of £3,000. We have decided to pass this on to our customers by no longer charging for use of our co-working facilities during the current situation. If you have been told to work at home and are unable to, you can use us as an office away from your office and we have everything you need to get your work done. Just bring your laptop or work materials down.

We are open 9am to 5pm on Monday to Friday (up to 9pm on Wednesday). If you book in advance online (no fee to pay on checkout) you will be guaranteed a space. Alternatively you can just turn up and hope there is a free desk. WiFi, hot drinks and all medical consumables are included.

This plan will remain in place indefinitely, until notified otherwise.