44 Harpur Street, Bedford, MK40 2QT


Looking for an affordable and fun workspace that inspires creativity? Look no further than our co-working venue! Our space is designed to help you stay productive while enjoying a laid-back atmosphere that encourages collaboration and innovation.

Here are 10 reasons why you should use our co-working venue:

  1. Affordable pricing: Our co-working space is priced to fit your budget, making it accessible for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses alike.
  2. Great location: We’re conveniently located in the heart of Bedford, making it easy for you to get to work and connect with like-minded individuals. We have easy road, rail and bus links.
  3. Fun and quirky decor: Our space is designed to spark your creativity with bright colours, unique artwork, and comfortable facilities.
  4. A variety of seating options: We offer a range of seating options, from traditional desks to comfy chairs and couches, so you can find the perfect spot to work.
  5. High-speed internet: We provide ultra-fast internet to ensure you can stay connected and productive throughout the day.
  6. Networking opportunities: Our co-working space is the perfect place to network with other professionals and entrepreneurs, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.
  7. Meeting rooms: We offer fully equipped meeting rooms that you can book for client meetings, presentations, or team collaborations.
  8. Come and go as you please: Setup a base in our co-working room and then head in to town for all your meetings and errands.
  9. Amenities: Our space comes with all the amenities you need for FREE, including a kitchen, unlimited tea/coffee, and printing/scanning facilities.
  10. A community of supportive individuals: Our co-working space is home to a community of supportive individuals who are always ready to lend a helping hand or offer advice.

Don’t settle for a boring, traditional workspace. Come to our co-working venue and experience a fun, quirky, and affordable space that will inspire you to do your best work.

Book your pass now and revolutionise your work. Booking online isn’t required but does guarantee your space for that day if you do. Alternatively, you can pay cash on the door so please feel free to pop in if you haven’t pre-booked online.