44 Harpur Street, Bedford, MK40 2QT


Co working is the fun, new, most productive way to work as a business person who doesn’t reside their business in one set location.

It’s great when you’re self employed and work from home with no long travel to the boring battery hen white walled office, but you quickly realise that rolling straight from bed to the sofa in you pyjamas with your laptop isn’t the exciting experience it sounds, in fact it becomes very monotonous and distracting. You soon feel like your work and home life are one big, depressing blur with no escape from what soon feels like your work computer prison. Not only that it’s so easy to be distracted by everything at home around you – the TV with it’s daytime shows, the dog who wants to sit on your lap or bringing their lead for a walk – it’s so easy to stop for a “minute” to watch or think i’ll wait for them to move they look cute, and that minute is soon an hour, and the day has passed and the minute became the amount of work you’ve done.

This is where a co-working space comes in to revitalise your work. You’re in a work space so you’re encouraged to be productive as you feel like it’s a work day, but with a difference to the boring office or distracting home, co-working in our venue you’re in a quirky environment that makes you feel invigorated and inspired (no bland office surrounding here) but without the distractions of the living room.

Working in our co-working space you’ll be surrounded by like minded people which gives you the encouragement you need to thrive, and you’ll feel like a part of a community even if you’re working alone, and you feel like something special. Who knows with all different people each day, you may even meet some fantastic connections to enhance your business.

Our location is only a stone throw from the town centre, so if you’re meeting a client it’s close to all public transport routes, and if you need to take them for a business lunch there is a vast array of different places to eat all around you – or even order food to be delivered straight to your desk, there are plenty of places around that deliver within minutes.

Whilst you’re busy working it’s likely you’ll get thirsty and we have you covered – all of our co-working passes come with UNLIMITED refills of our hot and cold drinks. So when you’re hitting that “afternoon slump” help yourself to as many cups of coffee as you like. We also have a selection of cold cans available for purchase if you want something more special. Also these refills apply to you guests as part of the package so they don’t have to buy extra drinks. If you were to work from a cafe for a day by the time you’ve bought a couple of drinks you’d easily be paying double – triple the cost of one of our fantastic co-working passes.

On top of all of this you avoid the expensive overheads of an office space with it’s rates and utility bills, and you get to work in the most fantastic work space in town.

Book your pass now and revolutionise your work. Booking online isn’t required but does guarantee your space for that day if you do. Alternatively you can pay cash on the door so please feel free to pop in if you haven’t pre-booked online.