44 Harpur Street, Bedford, MK40 2QT


We offer two types of mailboxes to suit your requirements, and each is available starting from either 6 or 12 months depending on your requirements. Opening a mailbox required one form of photographic ID to be presented.

Both our mailbox types support:

  • 6 or 12 month contract
  • No setup or registration fees
  • Use as company registered address
  • Unlimited mail volume
  • Secure locked storage
  • Secure shredding of items on request
  • Receipt of parcels
    (items bigger/heavier than a microwave by arrangement only)
  • No parcel holding fees or collection requirements
  • Signed-for delivery from any courier
    (items will be signed as “Unchecked”)
  • Items can be collected any week day from 9am to 5pm
    (up to 9pm on Wednesday)
  • Enjoy a free hot or cold drink when collecting your items

Smart Mailbox
Like a traditional mailbox, your items will be held until collected but you will get a text message when new items arrive. The text message will say if the new item is a letter, parcel or obvious junk mail. This smart mailbox will save you wasted journeys checking mail or wasted time to collect just junk.

Digital Mailbox
Your letter-like items will be opened and digitised to a PDF which will be delivered to a secure area in your account where they can be accessed. The physical items will continue to be held until you choose to collect them or have them securely shredded.

Please Note: Do not use our address for a mailbox until the purchase is confirmed and ID is shown to us to confirm the mailbox setup is complete. Any post received prior to setup being finished will be returned to the sender